Event Overview

Our swim takes place at Lake Cane in Orlando, officially known as Lucky's Lake. The address is 6645 Lake Cane Drive, Orlando, FL. The swim starts at Lucky's dock. The lake is a one kilometer roundtrip swim over to a small sandy beach and dock on the far side and back to Lucky's dock. This event is not a race and there will be no body markings or timing chips. This year we are offering multiple distances and earlier start times. Use the map button to locate Lucky's Lake and get directions.

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After Party

The after-party will begin at 7:30 pm. Directions to the party will be provided at the event. Each registered swimmer has admission to the party covering dinner and drinks. Extra party guests, family members, etc. require a small fee that can be added to your registration on the sign-up page.


T-Shirt  (Design Coming Soon)

Been there? Done that? Well you'd better get the t-shirt to prove it. The Lucky's Lake Frogman t-shirt is sure to be one of your favorites. The final art is being worked and images will be posted soon. Use the Signup page to get your shirt.

Medal (Design Coming Soon)

That's right, you swim with us and you deserve a medal. Check back soon to see the cool design. Use the Signup page to get your medal.

Swim Distance Options

We provide the opportunity for more swimmers of varying capabilities by offering your choice of 2K or the full 5K.  The 5K is five over and back crossings. The 2K is two over and back crossings. Lucky's dock and the dock at the far side will have a light that can be seen as a reference. Illumination will be placed on each of the 4 buoys in the water that mark the course. Swimmers will keep the buoy line to their right at all times.


Check-in will begin at the lake. At check-in you will recieve your t-shirt and medal along with directions to the after-party. 

Welcome and Opening Remarks.

5K swim begins - It's the Night Ops, you're finishing in the dark!

2K swim begins - This is your daylight option.

Last start time for any new crossing.

After Party begins!

Relay Teams

Relay teams are allowed in any size team from 2 to 5 swimmers.  Each relay team member must swim increments of complete 1K crossings. Each relay team member must register independently.  You can click on the TEAM button on the right to access the relay team formation support tool.  This tool can help you form your team or find a team with open slots. This tool can be accessed from the registration page too. 

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As a night swim, all swimmers are required to have some sort of floatation. The preferred floatation is a Lucky's Lake safe swimmer buoy with an LED flashlight placed inside the waterproof chamber of the buoy. The flashlight will illuminate the plastic from the inside and make it easy to see swimmers in the water even if it is a very dark night. Other acceptable floatation will be a wetsuit or other pull-behind flotation device. Safe swimmer buoys will be made available for use. Please bring your own small LED flashlight - the brighter the better!


There will be a few kayaks in the water as observers but there will be no guide kayaks or other guide vessels allowed for any individual swimmer. Remember you are responsible for your own safety. If you want to participate as a kayak or paddelboard observer instead of swimming then please check that box in the Volunteer section on the signup page.